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Moss Piece

for violin solo

Three movement text score inspired by moss. 

2021. Premiered by Jordan Grantonic at Pendulum New Music, Boulder CO.

Screen Shot 2022-11-12 at 08.37.45.png

As The Eye Cannot See Itself

for SSAATTBB choir and viola

Carl Jung's concept of the contrassexual soul is the inherent and unconscious masculinity of a woman and the inherent and unconscious femininity of a man. This piece takes inspiration from this concept to explore the ambiguity, unity, and beautifully contradictory nature of gender and sexuality.

That's Not a Dandelion

for two sopranos

This piece is about yellow flowers that look like dandelions but are not dandelions. It uses a technique of musical mutualism called hocket as well as improvisation.


2021. Premiered by Peridot Duo, composed for Wildflower Composers Festival.

Above We Are Many; Below We Are One

for solo bass clarinet

Groves of aspen trees can have a whole forest of separate trunks but they are united by a single root system. This piece is an assertion: If we learn to feel that our roots are connected, we too will survive wildfires.


2020. Premiered by Kathryn Ladano, and Commissioned by NUMUS Concerts.

Frying Pan

for solo vibraphone

The title is inspired by a related quote about the accessibility of solo percussion music by percussionist Steven Schick: “there’s not a Stradivarius frying pan.”

2020. Premiered by Clara Warnaar, composed for Wildflower Composers Festival.


As Body

for orchestra, SATB choir, and Erso

This is the arrangement and orchestration of a song by eco songwriter duo Erso, that explores environmental destruction through the metaphor of the Earth as a body.

2020. Premiered by Waterloo Chamber Players, Waterloo Teachers Choir, and Erso. Commissioned by Waterloo Chamber Players. 

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